Almost everything has changed but the intention remains the same: enduro slayer

The Radon Swoop has gone carbon yet retains the progressive geometry, 29in wheels, geometry adjustment, 170mm travel. Now coil-friendly too.

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radon swoop

Radon Swoop need to know

  • 170mm travel 29er enduro bike
  • Carbon front triangle with aluminium swing arm
  • Adjustable geometry: 63.5°/65° head angle via headset cups
  • Steepish 76° seat angle
  • Increased progessivity enables use of coil shocks
  • 494mm reach on XL
  • Tyre clearance up to 2.6in
  • 438mm chainstays
  • Sizes: M, L, XL
  • Pricing: €2999 to €4499
  • Only availabel via

Even if you’re not in the market for a long travel 29er, the new Radon Swoop is a great example of where mountain biking is at mid 2020 (AKA model year 2021).

Five years ago, a bike like this wouldn’t even have been desired let alone produced. Truth be told, it wouldn’t have actually been possible to produce a 170mm travel 29in wheel bike back then.

Fundamentally, it’s the move to longer-everything geometry that has enabled bikes like this to be produced – and for enough members of the general public to actually want to spend their money on one.

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Pehaps the key thing to note is something more general however. It’s direct sales brands based out of Europe who are forcing the market, or leading the way. Big American brands bought through bike shops are no longer where the cutting edge is.