If you need a knee guard with shin protection, these new Racer FlexAir Combo guards from French brand, Racer, could be the answer.. Easy pedalling knee and shin protection in one.

Many things distinguish between trail and enduro riding, with the wearing of knee pads being a key differentiator.

With better tyres, frames and suspension technology encouraging riders to explore steeper and more technical trails, the issue of improved PPE is a thing. But what about aiming to design the best mountain bike knee pads that also offer great pedalling characteristics?

Racer FlexAir Combo guards sexy MTB stockings

Racer FlexAir Combo guards front view

FlexAir Combo for trail riding

Trail riding presents a unique challenge for product designers. Riders want the impact protection of a knee pad, but with much greater freedom of pedalling.

French PPE brand Racer has been in business since 1927 and its latest product is the FlexAir Combo. This is a mild duty knee guard that also offers shin protection.

Certified at a CE1 grading, these are not the knee pads to smash a single-crown fork lap of Fort William with, but they do offer an interesting alternative for riders who want some protection more of the time.

The impact absorbing knee and shin padding is provided by 3DSP polyurethane gel pads, which should take the sting out of light impacts.

Racer FlexAir Combo guards bendy mofo

Racer FlexAir Combo side-view

PPE for riding up – and down

Racer’s design objective was to deliver the least drag on your pedal stroke, and the FlexAir pads use a lycra structure with silicone top and bottom grippers to provide a secure fit.

If you need the FlexAir Combos to remain in position even during a frantic high-cadence climb, there are three securing straps that can be tightened too.

Although not certified for heavy-duty enduro riding, these new Racer pads are an interesting intermediary product.

The shin protection and pedalling freedom will appeal to those riders wishing to push their trail riding. If you are a recent convert to flats and worried about slipping a pedal during the learning phase on technical trails, the Racer FlexAir could be handy.

Racer has priced the FlexAir Combo at €109.95 and offers four sizes.