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Whether you’re a Somerset virgin or taking a misty-eyed trip down memory lane and recounting the Quantock Quiver competition, this is a corker of route. Starting from Triscombe Stone — almost as high as you can get on Somerset’s infamous range — the killer gets off to an involving start on carved woodland trail.
You’ll rapidly enter deeper cover in Great Wood, where locals have clearly had a hand in forging a thoroughfare through some of the more unruly pine growth. Descents around here are deceptively steep, and it’s not long before you’re dropping through a veritable mini canyon of rock in to Quantock Combe.
Compared to the grunt necessary to reach Triscombe Stone, the ascent to reach Quantock Heath is reasonably sedate. A worthwhile climb, it gathers height to afford you views across the Bristol Channel and the snaking treat to Hodders Combe.
Then it’s downhill: a three-kilometre plummet opens the floodgates to a series of rewarding drops interlinked by short(ish) sharp ups. Despite the effort of each grind, you’ll find that every descent stamps a vivid memory in your mind. When the route settles at a 300-odd metre ridge height, it’s a level return to Triscombe before a final hurtle to the Blue Ball Inn… potentially followed by a mullered climb or wobbly push back to the car park.