Developed for XC and trail riders, in collaboration with Mountain Bike World Series riders, Vittoria's new Light version of it's popular Air-Liner tyre insert has just dropped


Tyre inserts are beloved of enduro riders and downhillers alike for their rim and puncture protection: But for XC racers, downcountry riders, and all the rest of us they’re overkill and may even impinge on the ride quality of the bike. Afterall, upwards of 200g of rotational mass per wheel is a really big deal and the very reason riders upgrade their rims from alloy to carbon.

Vittoria’s solution is the Air-Liner Light; it weighs a meagre 50g but still offers great puncture protection, all the while remaining imperceptible to the rider without impinging on agility or handling. That’s the big claim anyway, and Vittoria’s been using some high calibre test dummies to prove its point, with BMC, Santa Cruz FSA and KTM-Vittoria XC race teams all running with the idea.

Vittoria Air-Liner tyre insert

Vittoria even promises the Air-Liner Light gives the tyre a “‘limitless travel’ feel, with increased comfort, grip, and speed,” but I think they might have gone a little too far with that one.

The Air-Liner Light is also intended to be ridden without air in, should the need arise, because the foam will expand and support the tyre. The insert is covered with a waterproof membrane to prevent sealant penetrating these holes, and taking on extra weight.

Vittoria Air-Liner tyre insert

The Air-Liner Light fits tyres 29×2.1-2.4in, and comes in 25 and 30mm width variants. It’s currently available in North America, and will be available in Europe and the rest of the world later in Summer 2023. RRP €59.95