Available Individually £13.99/£17.99 / Quick release / Weight: front 163g/rear 228g
Contact: Extra UK 01933 672170

These updated versions are better made and sport a couple of new features. Gone is the rear strap system replaced by a dual cam quick release for a wide variety of seatpin sizes. The QR means the guard can be removed if it stops raining but someone can also steal it from your bike if locked up on the street.
Parts of the front fender also quick release, but an expandable wedge anchors the mount into the bottom of the steerer tube, so it’s a lot more secure. You’ll need to check compatibility first because some forks — notably Rock Shox — have a blank in the bottom of the steerer tube. Also clean the clips regularly because dirt can cause them to jam.
Oh and we’re not fans of the sci-fi styling or price.