Specialized aims for the trail market with a new, lightweight shoe

• Lightweight version of the current 2FO shoe
• Aimed at trail riding market
• Women’s version available
• A size eight (UK) weighs 389 grams

What have we got here then?

This is Specialized’s new 2FO cliplite shoe. It has been designed as a more lightweight version to the current 2FO clipless shoe.

What sort of riding is it used for?

Well the 2FO name stands for Foot Out, Flat Out, so you would expect it to be quite aggressive. However, this shoe was actually launched to coincide with the release of the new Camber bike and is a lot more trail focussed.

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What makes it good for trail riding?

Well, Specialized has calculated you could do as many as 10,000 pedal strokes on a three hour trail ride so it wanted to create a shoe that’s as comfortable as possible.

They’ve made it lighter than the original 2FO shoe by about 50 grams due to a new construction process and the implementation of BOA dials over traditional laces

BOA dials are similar to the kind of tightening system you have on the back of a helmet. The system uses stainless steel laces on a mechanical reel to tighten and loosen the shoe. As well as having weight saving benefits, it looks easier to adjust with gloves on than laces.

2FO clipless riding

Comfort will also be increased due to a nylon sole and arch support built into the shoe.

Specialized is also hoping that a combination of SlipNot rubber and a landing strip in the sole should make it easy to clip in and out while on the move.

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Is there anything else to know?

There are four different colours available for men and there is also a women’s specific shoe that comes in two different colours. Unfortunately, we have no word on pricing or availability yet but the 2FO costs around £100 so expect that as a ball-park figure.