The humble SPD is 25 years old

In 1990 mountain biking changed completely when Shimano released the first SPD pedal. Although there have been clipless pedals since 1895, Shimano’s were the first to have the cleat recessed into the sole.

Before SPDs, you either had shoes that were impractical for walking in or toe clips, which were frankly lethal.

The SPD pedal and shoe system was the perfect mix of practicality and functionality. In the past 25 years since its inception there have been very few brands that have come close to the clipless master.

Shimano M200 blue bottom

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To celebrate its anniversary, Shimano will be releasing a number of limited edition products and this time, its an Enduro shoe.

The Shimano M200 shoe will now be available in dazzling blue. Although the colour of the shoe is its only distinguishing feature, you’re sure to stand out from the currently available black or green versions.

Shimano has not explained a reason for the colour scheme but we’re thinking it’s a nice throwback to the garish colours of the 1990s mountain bike scene.

Shimano M200 nice blue picture

The M200 shoe is Shimano’s top of the range enduro shoe. It features a speed lacing system, a carbon fibre reinforced sole and an armoured lace shield. A pair of size nine shoes weighs 762 grams.

There will be only 1,200 pairs of these made in Europe so if you want one you had better get moving!

They will be joined by the M995 and M990 pedals which will feature the same blue colouring. There will be a run 1900 of each of these each.

Shimano blue pedals

The pedals and shoes will be available later in august. Would you pick up a pair? Let us know in the comments.