Is this the world's best dropper remote?

The new RockShox Reverb 1x remote looks like a SRAM cable gear shifter but is still hydraulically actuated. Claims to offer better ergonomics and more accurate operation.

rockshox reverb 1x remote

Thumbs up to RockShox

The RockShox Reverb is still a stellar dropper post: it’s lightweight, reliable and comes in a plethora of sizes and drops. Its Achilles heel has always been the funky push-button lever, which isn’t as easy to use as the latest crop of shifter-style remotes, and can be vulnerable in a crash. Well not anymore, it’s now got a new 1X remote, propelling it back up our list of favourite posts.

Need to know

  • Compatible with all B1 and A2 Reverb and Reverb Stealth models (identifiable by the black return speed adjuster on the standard remote).
  • 21g heavier than the standard Reverb remote (69.2g).
  • MatchMaker X or discrete clamp options.
  • Bleeding Edge lever bleed fitting.
  • Tooled speed adjust.
  • Reverb Stealth with 1x remote RRP £375.
  • Upgrade kit RRP £90 (includes remote, Bleeding Edge™ fitting, discreet clamp, MMX clamp).

rockshox reverb 1x remote

So why the change?

First of all, parent company SRAM is no longer offering front shifting, so it makes sense. But it also has some practical benefits — you no longer need to run the older right-hand remote under the bar on the left-hand side, it gets the lever away from your knees and closer to your hand and being tucked under the bar protects it from crash damage.

rockshox reverb 1x remote

The details

Like most current under-bar remotes, the Reverb 1X looks a lot like a front shifter. In fact it uses the exact same paddle and pivot location as the now defunct SRAM shifter, although the Reverb paddle has a slight concave shape to improve the ergonomics. To help reduce the lever force, there’s a cartridge bearing underneath the paddle and this is connected to a swing link inside the body of the remote, which then pushes on a piston forcing the fluid down the line.

Return speed is still adjustable, but instead of a barrel adjuster, RockShox has switched to a grub screw, accessed via a T-25 Torx tool on the body of the remote. Next to this is the bleed port, compatible with SRAM’s innovative Bleeding Edge attachment. A small Bleeding Edge syringe extension is including with the aftermarket remote kit, and this plugs straight into the bleed port. Turning a grey dial on the bottom of the extension opens the port. It reduces fluid loss, speeds up the whole bleed process and means you don’t need to remove a tiny grub screw, which can be easily lost.

The new 1x remote is available with a Matchmaker clamp, so can be bolted directly to a SRAM brake lever. If you choose a rival brake brand, RockShox is also including one of its discreet clamps in the upgrade kit.


rockshox reverb 1x remote

First impressions

Although the new remote looks bulky, RockShox says it’s only 21g heavier than the old design. However we don’t know if this includes the weight of the clamp because the old in-line remote actually had a clamp built in, whereas you need to add two clamps (another 25g) to the 1X to get it up and running.

RockShox is offering the 1X Remote as an upgrade kit (which includes the remote, Bleeding Edge fitting, discreet clamp, MMX clamp) for £90 or as an option on current Reverb droppers. According to RockShox, the price of the Reverb has come down slightly, so the new 1X equipped version won’t cost you anymore than the older model.