Traditionally Race Face two-piece cranks have a one key release bolt on the drive-side crank, but the new hollow carbon Next cranks feature an EXI interface on the non-drive-side. EXI loosely stands for ‘X-Type — ISIS’. The primary difference being that Race Face has switched to an easily recognizable ISIS Drive type spline. This offers easier, lower torque, first-time installation and uses standard tools for removal (normal M22 puller threads).
Additionally the smaller diameter ISIS Drive end allows Race Face to use its plastic guide cap to make it easier to slide the spindle through the BB cups, which eliminates damage to the plastic bearing races during installation.
The new interface is used on Ride XC, Evolve XC, Deus XC, NEXT XC and Ride DH, but the Next XC carbon crank is the only one to have the bolt-on arm switched to the non drive-side. This is because the spindle is moulded directly into the carbon drive-side crank, and to ensure maximum trueness of the chainrings, the chainring mounting tabs are machined post moulding. This way Race Face guarantees that the chainring tabs are perfectly perpendicular to the ground spindle bearing races, which run on the BB bearings.
If everything goes to plan Next XC cranks should be available in January, so expect a full test soon.