For those of a certain age

Legendary back-in-the-day anodising CNC-heads PAUL Components have returned with some purple bits.

Remember the early nineties? No? Then move on, there’s nothing for you to see here.

If you do remember the Stone Roses and Will Smith when he was a Fresh Prince then here’s a right old trip down nostalgia lane for you.

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A lot of younger readers probably won’t even know what a lot of these parts are for, let along why they’re purple or why their Dad’s eyes have just glazed over and he’s murmuring something about ‘love levers’.

You had to be there, maan.

Show me the purple!

Anyway, enough gabbing. Here are the pics you wanna see…


Left 31.8 Cross Levers


Boxcar Stems


Tall N’ Handsome Seatposts


Love Levers




28.6 Chainkeepers

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PAUL explain themselves: “1986 called, and PAUL picked up the phone! Purple lovers can now have their fill of anodized aluminum components from PAUL.

“These Purple Parts will be made in small batches over the next 6 months, then retired until purple is back in fashion again. Stock is limited and will vary monthly.

“These items were teased during PAUL Camp, and are now available for purchase directly through PAUL or at their local IBD. Paul Components manufactures all parts in Chico, CA.”