Ballistic nylon case / Large microfibre wipe / Two-part solvent
Contact: 01462 475400

Coming as standard on high-end riding gegs from the big O, the hydrophobic coating is designed to keep sweat, grease and dirt build-up to a minimum. The great news is that it’s now available to anyone, no matter what brand of eyewear you use.
The dual solvent application process is slightly time-consuming to do properly but — once applied and buffed — eyelash sweat and mono-brow weepings adhere less solidly to the inside, while water and mud slide off the outside. Topping up the buff coat is easy with the spray-on second-stage solvent, and there’s enough for multiple uses, while saving the four first-stage wipes for full strip and rebuild sessions. It’s pretty pricy, but a pack should easily last the winter.