“Our home town of Cardigan is twinned with another little town in Patagonia called Trevelin, it’s based at the foothills of the Andes mountains and we have a great story to tell you. It all starts here in Wales where back in the 1800s a small group of people travelled over 8,000 miles by sea in a boat called the “Mimosa” to settle in Patagonia and begin a new life with their families. The more we looked into this incredible story, the more we got hooked.

“So last November we sent four people from howies to Patagonia to follow in the footsteps of the settlers to find out more about our twin town. Meanwhile a group of us stayed here on Welsh soil and learned more about our lovely home town of Cardigan. Then we wove the two stories together with the thread of dragons breath which we’ve now documented for you in this catalogue.

“So after all the hard work with editing down of over 4000 photographs and the listing of over 70 great new products, as well as all the different colours and sizes we’ve finally finished the Spring catalogue and we knew you couldn’t wait another minute to take a peek.
For those of you who are waiting for your catalogue to arrive it will be sent direct to your doormats in around a weeks time.

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