Designed with electric bikes in mind.

Magura have come out with a whopping 6-pot disc brake for e-bikes called the Magura Stigma. With motorbike lever blades to match.

The excellently named Magura Stigma is an evolution of Magura’s modern-era MT mountain bike disc brakes range. But those of us of a certain age will remember the infamous Gustav brake from Magura. A brake so insanely powerful that it scared most people who attempted to use it.

Much like the old Gustav, the new Stigma requires a special adapter in place between the caliper and a standard I.S. or Post Mount fork/frame mounting. You will only be able to use 203mm rotors with the Stigma (again, like the old Gustav). The rotors are called HC Storm rotors.

magura stigma

The brake levers are as oversized as the calipers. The levers are actually modified versions of motorcycle levers. Magura have previously worked with BMW and KTM on brakes for their off-road motorbikes. Longer levers with no-tools Quick-Ratio adjustment and sporting huge reservoirs to deal with heat management.

The full-on 6-pot Stigma will only be issued as a front brake. It will be paired with a similarly styled 4-pot Stigma rear brake. For 2017 you’ll only see this brake as OE equipment on electric bikes. As such, we have no official word on the RRP pricing yet.

Magura Stigma spec

  • Weight 485g
  • Carbotecture SL reservoir
  • HC Moto lever blades
  • Chrome polished calipers
  • 6-pot front, 4-pot rear
  • 203mm Storm HC rotors only
  • Mounting via special adapter
  • OE on e-bikes for first year of production