Ceramic bearing upgrade £12.49 / Weight: 9g / Colours: black, gold, silver, green and electric blue anodised finishes
Contact: sales@kcnc.co.uk

Back in our May issue’s marathon bikes test we reported a problem with the jockey wheels on two XO derailleurs seizing. Not a particularly common occurrence, we put it down to poor sealing of the bearings. Then, as if by magic, a solution appeared in the form of these trick upgrades from KCNC. Designed in the UK and built in Taiwan, these 11-tooth jockey wheels are CNC’d from 7075 aluminium and not only have a patented bearing shield but offer a ceramic bearing option for even smoother running. Five large machined ‘vents’ do collect noticeably less clag than rivals, but we defy even the most sensitive riders to detect any real improvement in performance. They work fine on both Shimano and Sram mechs, but are they really necessary? One for weight weenie obsessives and those who want to colour-match their Hope reservoir caps.