I hate travelling. People say it broadens the mind, and while I’ll concede that being in a new place, meeting new people is cool, the act of travelling itself is just stress and misery from start to finish.
Especially when you’re on a tight schedule and have to make connecting flights.
Was the three airport, 23 hour journey to Durango worth it? Well after two days of riding and shooting on the (wall-to-wall singletrack) Colorado trail, I’m coming round to the idea. Seriously, Durango is an awesome place to ride bikes.
We’re here to ride the new Fisher Roscoe, a 140mm travel trail bike that uses Fisher’s G2 geometry, Trek’s ABP pivot, and a shock that is an all new Fox/Trek collaboration.
Yesterday we rode for a few hours to get the bikes set up, and this bike really does ride well. The trails are covered in a two inch deep layer of dust so it’s fair to say the riding is almost the polar opposite of what we find in the UK, but so far the bikes feel fast, agile, and not too instable at speed – a reservation I had about the G2 geometry.
We’ll have more info on the bikes – and the shock – in next month’s mag. Keep ’em peeled!