Includes Garmin Topo software / GPS / Heart rate / Cadence meter

At just shy of £360, you’re probably thinking, “I could get a laptop for that!” And you’d be right. The Edge 705 is expensive, but it’s the only bike computer on the market to include all these functions. Features include heart rate, cadence and all the usual speed and distance functions, but added to this is a full GPS device for mapping, routing and, interestingly, training.
If you’re measuring your improvement on a particular route, you can have a virtual training partner — yourself on a previous ride — riding on the screen.
The 705 is surprisingly easy to set up given the number of functions, and we were up and running in around 15 minutes. The ability to set the screen up to show exactly what you want, is particularly useful — the split screen, with mapping down below and fitness functions at the top, is perfect. You can cram as many as eight separate performance variables on the screen at any one time — just remember to keep an eye on the trail!
Battery life is a big improvement over the Edge 305 and with euro and UK plug adaptors provided, there’s no excuse for allowing the charge to drop.
Useable off-road mapping is installed using a micro-SD card. You can pick up a 2gb version for under £10 and this will hold the whole of the UK.
Included with the 705 is Garmin’s own Training Centre software, which allows you to see how your training is going. It’s good, but don’t get too caught up in it — riding and rest are the only really important factors when it comes to getting fitter.