Bung it up.

The Fork Cork takes the concept of storing spares and tools in your steerer tube and flips it on its head. Quite literally.

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You may have seen OneUp’s EDC (Every Day Carry) tool thingy that hides in the top of your suspension fork steerer. Here’s an idea that comes at the problem from a different angle – upside down in fact.

fork cork

The Fork Cork is a glorified bung that inserts into the bottom of your tapered fork steerer and acts as a stopper to keep filth out of your steerer tube (anyone remember the venerable old Crud Bung from back-in-the-day?) and whilst it’s keeping the muck out it also acts as a stash for spares and tools.

It’s made from CNC machined aluminium and is operated by thumb screw on the underside. No tools required.

fork cork

We noticed it pop up on Cyclorise’s social media channels. They’ve got it listed for £27.99.

Okay, so it’s not without its limitations. There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of compartmentalisation or method of prevent spares/tools form rattling around. The idea is to fashion something yourself out of an old bit of rag or some such. Being British, we also have to hoist the boring old flag of “how will it survive living in filth?”

fork cork

And how does it work if you run a fork-mounted mudguard? Well, it won’t is the answer. We suppose you can cut a Fork Cork-sized hole in your mudguard to access your stashed tools maybe..?

But at mbr we like new things and new ways of looking of things so we thought we’d show you the Fork Cork. No doubt for some people it will be exactly what they’ve been looking for.