Toasty toes can be a thing all the way through the grim weather

The French brand has just launched its latest Ekoi Carbon Winter. It features a carbon fibre sole and is designed for winter. Simple.

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Ekoi Carbon Winter need to know

  • For temperatures down to 0°C with Ekoï Thermolite Carbon socks.
  • One piece upper for seamless weatherproofing
  • SHD Carbon sole maintains stiffness and pedalling efficiency.
  • Seamless SION TEX inner membrane, waterproof and breathable.
  • Anti-bacterial treatment for optimal hygiene.
  • Shoe closure: 1 step-by-step ATOP and 2 Velcro closure.
  • 2-bolt SPD compatibility.
  • Weight: 310g in size EU 41.
  • Made in Europe.
  • Available in mud proof black.

The Carbon Winter is available direct from Ekoi’s website. Usual price is £231.91 but they are currently on sale for £162.34.

Having wet and cold feet is probably the worst thing about winter riding. Those numb blocks of ice at the ends of your legs can really put the dampeners on any ride.

Which is why a proper pair of dedicated winter boots is pretty much top of the list of winter riding essentials.

And yes, we know that these tend to be mainly dedicated to clip-in users but there are a lot of those about and this is one of those times when SPD riders can have a little gloat.

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ekoi carbon winter

Single piece upper keeps the winter out. Black to hide the mud.

Ekoi has taken a single piece of waterproof and breathable material to create an almost impenetrable layer of protection for the upper. This is backed this up with a neoprene style upper gaiter that wraps around the ankle to create as watertight a shoe as is possible.

We know water will still get down the big hole where you put your foot but at least the neoprene will keep this water warm. A thermal liner helps to keep the heat in when the temperature drops.

ekoi carbon winter

Carbon sole for stiffness, tread and studs for grip in the mud.

To help keep the training up the Carbon Winter features a stiff carbon sole to make sure all your power gets put through the pedals. And not to be outdone in the mud, the sole has an aggressive, lugged tread with the facility to add studs at the toe area.