It's now easier to source spares for Pivot’s updated Mach 4 SL stage racing machine.

Pivot has updated its Mach 4 SL lightweight 29er.

The American brand’s lightweight mileage eater continues with unchanged geometry and suspension specification. But the rear triangle has seen some alteration.

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Mach 4 SL gets with the UDH game

Industrial designers at Pivot haven’t changed the 100mm rear-suspension linkage, but riders can now benefit from a SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH) standard.

With the UDH-compatible rear-triangle upgrade, Pivot’s Mach 4 SL gains better drivetrain technology futureproofing. And for mountain bikers who live in a light sense of anxiety about current and future components standards, this will unlock value over time.

Frames also feature Fox Live Vale integration for riders who want to use the latest intelligent and active suspension technology. Riders have the option to run their Mach 4 SL with either a 100- or 120mm fork, depending on terrain requirements – either ascending or descending.

You can build these – very light

The updated March 4 SL remains preciously light in weight, with a frame being only 1845g. Complete bikes can be built at a mere 20.9lb (9.4kg).

On the sizing chart, the 2022 model year Mach 4 SL stretch from XS to XL and offers two new colourways.

Pivot’s graphic people added Black Sunset (black with orange lettering/decals) and Greystone (grey with blue lettering/decals).

The entry-level build kit from Pivot uses Shimano XT components and Fox Performance grade suspension.

Desire a dream build? Pivot offers a premium version of the Mach 4 SL V2. This build has Reynolds Blacklabel carbon wheels, SRAM XX1 AXS wireless shifting, and Fox Factory specification Live Valve suspension.