The freeride and DH wheelset is budget friendly and uses a new rim profile for added strength


DT Swiss has a new wheelset out, called the F 1900 Classic it costs around £475, works for DH or park bikes, and hopes to put an end to pinchflats thanks to a modified rim profile. The best mountain bike wheels perfectly balance weight, strength and ultimately price, and we’re hoping the new Classic will be up there with them too.

The F 1900 Classic joins the Swiss component brand’s budget-friendly 1900 lineup, which is really focusses on reliability and price rather than weight. The range includes the brilliant DT Swiss M 1900 wheels we reviewed back in 2020, and were impressed with their reliability and robustness for the price. Whether these new freeride focused wheels will stack up to the same praise remains to be seen, but there are a few new features that might sway the jury.

DT Swiss F 1900 Classic Wheels need to know

  • Better pinchflat protection due to modified rim profile
  • They use DT competition spokes
  • There are options for 29in and 27.5in wheels as well as Boost
  • The 370 hub uses the Ratchet LN system
  • Price from £199.99 for BOOST front wheel up to £294.99
DT Swiss F 1900 Classic Wheels

The new F 1900 Classic wheels use a slightly different rim profile to their FR 1950 Classic freeride wheels to prevent pinch flats

DT Swiss F 1900 Classic Wheels

There are a couple of interesting things about the new wheels, firstly, the profile design of the rim is different to the FR 1950 Classic wheelset – DT Swiss’s current freeride and downhill option.

What’s different? The brand claims it’s made the rims more impact resistant, by slightly changing the shape. The rim hooks are widened, and the overall profile of the rim has changed ever so slightly. As the sidewall of the tyre comes into contact with the hooks when under compression, that’s what causes pinch flats. So, the benefit of these alterations, according to DT Swiss, is that by widening the the surface it allows the shocks to be distributed over a wider area. Apparently reducing the risk of pinch flats.

The inner workings

The F 1900 Classic wheels uses DT competition spokes, which are double butted and reinforced by a patented cold forging process. Again, DT Swiss is focusing on durability although not at the cost or weight.

The heart of the wheel, the hub, is a DT Swiss 370 hub that uses a Ratchet LN system. This is a pretty standard choice for a more budget wheelset, as the wider contact areas distribute load evenly – something they say increases reliability.

DT Swiss F 1900 Classic Wheels

You’ve got plenty of choice at not a massive cost for the F 1900 Classic wheels

What are the options?

If you’re looking at trying some out, there are options for both 27.5in and 29in. The following axle systems are available as options: 15 x 110mm Boost, 20 x 110mm Boost, 12 x 148mm Boost, 12 x 150mm and 12 x 157mm.

You can get SRAM XD, Shimano MicroSpline or Shimano HG freehub body options, and the wheels use an IS 6-bolt brake interface.

Weight wise, they won’t be winning any awards, at 2,118g for 27.5in wheels and 2,222g for 29in.

The prices are as follows:

  • 27.5 x 30mm IS 20 mm BOOST Front Wheel – £199.99
  • 27.5 x 30mm IS 15 mm BOOST Front Wheel – £199.99
  • 27.5 x 30mm IS 157 x 12 mm Shimano HG Rear Wheel – £274.99
  • 27.5 x 30mm IS BOOST SRAM XD Rear Wheel – £294.99
  • 29 x 30mm IS 20 mm BOOST Front Wheel – £199.99
  • 29 x 30mm IS 15 mm BOOST Front Wheel – £199.99
  • 29 x 30mm IS 157 x 12 mm Shimano HG Rear Wheel – £274.99
  • 29 x 30mm IS BOOST SRAM XD Rear Wheel – £294.99