Aluminium can be recycled and traced; Pembree is pushing the issue of sustainable flat pedals, with its new Pembree D2A range.

Pembree has launched its new D2A, offering riders the promise of carbon neutral flat pedal upgrade.

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From their facility in East Sussex, all design and manufacturing is locally contained, promising a reduced carbon trail throughout the supply chain.

Like their first pedal – the Pembree R1V – Pembree’s marketing leverages this sustainability ethos, by promising to plant a carbon-offsetting tree for each D2A sold. This is at the core of enabling its carbon neutral manufacturing status, by using the #Pedals4Trees initiative.

Structurally these new flat pedals are CNC machined from T6-grade aluminium and Pembree says they should register 446g if you put them on a decent digital scale.

Dimensionally the D2As measure 100mm x 110mm x 15mm, with that last thickness value being measured at the pedal centre.

Conventional pin arrangement

Traction is provided by a selection of ten stainless steel pins per side, which should prove robust enough to ride through a season of winter weather. Pembree has opted for a traction pattern that distributes those ten stainless steel pins around the pedal’s outer structure, without any pins close to the axle body.

The D2As also have chamfered edges, to help reduce any stalling motion when they do happen to strike terrain, during a descent.

Spinning these new Pembree pedals are inner Igus bushings, supported by external steel bearings, supplied by SKF. The pedals have stainless steel spindles.

Available in five colours – black, red, silver, orange and purple – the D2A pedals weigh 446g and come with a five year warranty, two of which applied to the bearings.

Claimed to be completely carbon neutral in terms of production, these Pembree flat pedal will appeal to those environmentally conscious riders who wish to make a more sustainable purchasing decision.

Price positioning for the Pembree D2A pedals are £109.