E-bikes were a crucial part of validating this new wet chain lube, from Steve Peat.

The Steve Peat product portfolio has been expanded with a new chain lubricant, ideally suited for those challenging muddy riding conditions.

After three years of development, Peaty’s LinkLube Wet is a higher viscosity blend of wavs and oils, formulated to keep your drivetrain protected when riding in the muddiest of conditions.

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As a Sheffield native, Steve Peat is keenly aware of the issues with wet lubes, which can retain all manner of gunk, on a long ride. The desired chemistry was to produce a lubricant that would last for a punishing full day ride, without caking your drivetrain or chain in grime.

Like a cuppa – for your chain

The Peaty’s LinkLube Wet also has a characteristic Irish Coffee scent, and is biodegradable, which means it smells good during your bike maintenance routine – and does no harm, to the environment.

One of the interesting R&D feature of this new chain lubricant, was the use of e-bikes in its durability testing.

With the higher torque loads, chain strain and ability to cover greater mileages, Steve Peat’s development team could accelerate the real-world testing schedule of its LinkLube Wet, with the use of an e-bike fleet.

Available in three sizes (15ml, 60ml and 120ml), Peaty’s LinkLube Wet is priced at £2.99, £7.99 and £11.99.