Light, narrow Q factor and plenty of torque

Panasonic take the next step into the eMTB market. The electronics giant break into US market with own GXO drive motor and batteries.

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The magic box of power.

Panasonic is keen to point out that its latest GXO drive unit is joint lightest on the market at just 2.95 kilograms (same as a Brose Drive S Mag) and delivers 90Nm of torque. Panasonic also boast that it has a narrow q-factor to put the pedals in a narrower stance than most eMTBs, keeping any bike it is mounted to feeling more like a standard non-electric MTB.

Along with this new drive unit, Panasonic are producing batteries under its own name – it has already been supplying the cells for many ebike batteries but this is the one of the first complete battery unit available.

Panasonic has incredibly been making e-bike systems since 1996, when it released a complete bike for it’s home market of Japan.

Since then it has continued to supply both domestic and foreign ebike markets with both hub and centre drive units but has been pretty overshadowed by some of the bigger players in the market.

This latest move into the the North American market with its brand new motor system could potentially see Panasonic become a new rival in the burgeoning eMTB segment. In order to break into the US Panasonic has entered into a partnership with Kent International, one of North America’s largest bike producers.

According to Panasonic: “Panasonic, the world’s leading automotive battery supplier, and Kent International Inc., North America’s leading bicycle manufacturer, announce the entry of new electric-assist bicycles into the eBike segment. To meet the changing micro mobility lifestyle trends, Panasonic is partnering on the launch of electric bicycles under two brands with three models.”


Van Dessel’s Captain Shred features the new Panasonic GXO drive unit and 500Wh internal battery.

Those two brands are Univega and Van Dessel, both with their own following. Of most interest looks to be Van Dessel’s new Captain Shred 150/140 travel aggressive trail eMTB.