Material sourcing and shipment costs, see an uptick in price, from the Spanish frame brand.

Keen to rail those enduro trails like Martin Maes, on an Orbea? Well, your bike purchase will be a little more expensive in the future.

The Spanish frame brand has announced that it will increase the pricing on its product range, in response to pressure within the global supply chain.

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Orbea Rallon M LTDMost frame brands are not large enough businesses to absorb the current transport cost increases through scale. Orbea’s price increase announcement is sure to not be the last of its sort in the industry, during 2022.

Bikes are going to become dearer

According to Gonzalo García de Salazar, Orbea’s global sales manager, it’s an inescapable situation.

“We are a company that is committed to our community of users and our stores. We are continuously monitoring market trends and have done everything that we could to avoid this price update, but there is no sign of the upward trend in costs being corrected.”

“This has been a difficult decision for Orbea, because it will have consequences for our stores and for the cycling community, who have trusted and continue to trust in our brand. We understand what this means”

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Missing materials

Raw material cost increases have been unavoidable. Metals, alloys and composites have steadily grown in price over the last year, as global material shortages and consumer demand for products drive the fundamental economics of scarcity and supply.

A cursory glance at the Orbea online pricing structure seems to indicate price increases being just shy of 10%, on average. However, build options and delivery destinations influence final transactional cost, beyond the pure listed retail pricing.

Orbea has committed to price stability for those bikes already ordered by riders and allocated to dealers. All new orders will be subject to the latest increase in pricing.