Yes, it will available in white. No, it won't be available in 26in

After around a 30 year absence the Onza Porcupine has returned. And it doesn’t really look anything like the old Porcupine. Well, apart from the white one.

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Onza Porcupine need to know

  • 27.5 x 2.4-2.6in
  • 29 x 2.4-2.6in
  • White version only available in 2.4in size and 60a compound
  • Weights: 780g-1,200g
  • SRP €54.90-€69.90

In the 1990s – a golden age of mountain bike for some old timers – Onza created numerous iconic tyres. Tyres such as the Rip, the Dave (no, really), the Rail, and of course the Porcupine.

At the time, Onza Porcupines were one of the better mountain bike tyres you can get hold of. It was typically a case of Panaracer Smoke or Dart and Onza Porcupinesfor most riders back then.

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onza porcupine

The new Onza Porcupine tyre’s tread pattern has been updated (AKA replaced wholesale) for less rolling resistance and comes with a dual tread compound.

To be fair to Onza, this new Porcupine appears like it might be a pretty good tyre. Purely going off the look of the tread and the spec of the casings and rubber durometers. We’ll get some in for a proper test as soon as we can (sorry no, not the white version).

Onza: “The Porcupine is the ideal allrounder that works in every situation, no matter the conditions. It offers a very wide application field ranging from Tour, All Mountain or even E-Mountainbike use with our GRC casing technology.

“The aggressive side knob shape paired with a soft 45a rubber offers loads of traction in every situation. Due to it’s center knobs and their ramped shape, the PORCUPINE is rolling super smooth. The open tread profile with moderate spaces results in a great self-cleaning ability.”