The world's most successful XC racer, is boosting his enduro rides, with a Scott e-bike.

The rider least in need of an e-bike, now has one.

Nino Schurter is inarguable the most dominant XC mountain biker of our era and now the Swiss has added an e-bike to his fleet.

Although Nino can ride up terrain that most mountain bikers would struggle to descend, he had now joined the e-bike realm.

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Finding those undiscovered trails

Despite his immense power and fitness, Nino’s eight mountain bike World Championships have often depended on his excellent technical descending. And to allow more trail exploration in his native Switzerland, which offers amazing raw trails, Nino’s gone e-enduro.

The latest Scott eRIDE has 160mm of front and 150mm of rear suspension travel, which is a lot more than Nino has on his XC racing Spark RC.

With the presence of a Bosch Performance Line CX mid-drive motor, there’s virtually nowhere a rider of Nino’s leg-power can’t go.

All the watts – and more

One can only imagine what Nino’s peak power and a Bosch mid-drive motor can deliver, in unison. The result would surely be a total of watts that would make for startling outputs, on any power meter.

What Nino’s eRIDE illustrates, is the potential benefit of an e-bike, to riders who possess outstanding fitness. You get to roll along all the suspension travel and tyre size you need. This allows for more adventurous descents, of those nearly impossible to reach trails.

Rolling Maxxis Assegai tyres, which have the kind of rolling resistance that Nino is completely unfamiliar with, the Scott eRIDE has an abundance of grip for the 2016 Olympic gold medallist to exploit.

The fourth-generation Bosch Performance Line CX mid-drive motor in Nino’s eRIDE amplifies his input pedal efforts by 340%. We imagine that must make for some inspired data surges, on the Bosch e-bike app.