Now in its 25th year, the BoXXer gets a makeover with a burlier chassis and new air spring.


This story begins where it all started: with the world’s best riders. From World Cup downhill courses to secret test tracks, the new BoXXer builds on a legacy dating back to the days of Nicolas Vouilloz and Steve Peat.

Today’s elite athletes, like Vali Höll and Loris Vergier, helped RockShox create the most advanced BoXXer fork yet.

Built on its high-performance legacy, the latest BoXXer DH fork was redesigned top to bottom to win races – or simply chase your mates down the mountain.

Rockshox Boxxer new

Now in its 25th year, the BoXXer gets a full overhaul structurally and visually

Need to know

  • 38mm chassis
  • BoXXer DebonAir+ air spring
  • Twin tube air spring design (Ultimate model only)
  • Lightweight machined and anodized crown
  • RockShox premium fender compatibility
  • Crown height gradients to simplify setup
  • Charger 3 RC2 damper for BoXXer
  • ButterCups (Ultimate model only)
  • Signature BoXXer electric red colour with all-new graphics
  • Ultra-low-friction SKF wiper seals
  • Maxima Plush damping fluid and suspension lube

An all-new 38mm chassis

Two years of extensive development focusing on the critical blend of bending and torsional stiffness ratios resulted in the all-new 38mm BoXXer chassis. RockShox believes it has struck the best balance between stiffness, compliance, and comfort for maximum control.

The stout 38mm stanchions are just the start of the BoXXer’s overhaul though. These upper tubes harmonize with the lowers to deliver ideal ride characteristics. Through extensive riding and testing, the stanchion wall thickness and lower leg architecture were tuned for stiffness that accepts steering input without beating up your hands.

Rockshox Boxxer new

A stout 38mm chassis bring this long-running DH fork up to date

New DebonAir+ spring

The BoXXer’s DebonAir+ twin tube design is unlike any air spring the brand has made before. It’s infinitely tunable with both air pressure and Bottomless Tokens. Beat that, coil spring…

‘The action is so coil-like, it’s uncanny. Off the top, BoXXer is impossibly responsive and supple, but it wants to eat when the big square-edged hits start coming’ – RockShox

The new BoXXer Ultimate rides on the twin tube air spring, a separate air chamber that nests inside of the 38mm uppers. Designing the air spring to work within the ID of the 38mm upper tubes initially caused the spring curve to become too progressive for even the heartiest of DH racers. So, RockShox added the twin tube and boosted the air spring shaft diameter from the traditional 10mm to a hollow 14mm shaft, creating extra negative volume for the air spring.

By adding the twin tube sleeve,  the different spring volumes can be precisely controlled: positive, negative, and casting (think trapped air in the lower leg). This optimizes the positive air chamber volume for that hole-swallowing linear spring curve, our most linear spring curve yet. You can use every single millimeter of travel (if you need it).

At the top of the travel, the negative air chamber volume has been boosted to better absorb small bumps. At the bottom of the stroke, a new bottom-out bumper gives you soft, clank-free landings off the biggest drops. No matter if you’re cornering, charging through rock gardens, or on a choppy straightaway, the new BoXXer aims to find traction where you never thought to look.

RockShox Boxxer new

Almost every aspect of the Boxxer has been overhauled

New bushings – smooth is fast

The BoXXer’s bushings get thirsty, so RockShox has found a way to keep them constantly lubricated. Each upper tube has oil flow ports located near its bottom. As you crank out the laps, these openings circulate more lube through the bushings.

This new design evenly distributes air volume above the lower bushing, resulting in a consistent spring rate you can trust.

ButterCups – the golden solution

The ButterCups we’ve seen in the 2023 Pike, Lyrik, and Zeb forks now reside in this reworked BoXXer. Little gold-packaged rubber pucks live at the end of the damper and air spring shafts and fit into the lower leg of the fork. ButterCups dampen high-frequency vibrations before they hit your hands and arms and lead to an early end to an otherwise good day.

RockShox Boxxer new

New crown height gradients simplify setup

Charger 3 RC2

The well-regarded Charger 3 RC2 damper launched in the 2023 Pike, Lyrik, and Zeb forks is now making waves in the brand’s DH fork.

RockShox eliminated High Speed Compression (HSC) and Low Speed Compression (LSC) cross-talk. The overlap in adjustment functionality that ties HSC and LSC adjustments together, making truly independent tuning previously impossible. The decision between adding more damping and sacrificing your hands to a harsh ride doesn’t exist.

New BoXXer Ultimate

  • Model code: FS-BXR-ULT-D1
  • Damper: Charger 3 RC2 w/ButterCups
  • Spring: BoXXer DebonAir+ w/ButterCups
  • Wheel size: 27.5”, 29”
  • Travel: 180mm†, 190mm†, 200mm
  • Fork offset: 44mm (27.5”), 48mm (27.5”, 29”) 52mm (29”)
  • Weight: 2,840g (200mm travel, 48mm offset)
  • Price:  £ 2,029

†Travel change kit available.

New BoXXer (OEM)

  • Model code: FS-BXR-BSE-D1
  • Damper: Charger 3 RC**
  • Spring: BoXXer DebonAir+**
  • Wheel size: 27.5”, 29”
  • Travel: 180mm†, 190mm†, 200mm
  • Fork offset: 44mm (27.5”), 48mm (27.5”, 29”) 52mm (29”)
  • Weight: 2,680g (200mm travel, 48mm offset)
  • Price: Original equipment only, not aftermarket

**AM Upgrade available, †Travel change kit available

Vali Höll and the new BoXXer in full flight

New Charger 3 RC2 upgrade

Charger 3 RC2 features an all-new Internal Floating Piston (IFP) design that offers more consistency through the stroke, and truly independent adjustments that reduce harshness and increase control without any “cross-talk”. Featuring High Speed Compression, Low Speed Compression, and a revamped rebound, every click is exact and meaningful.

Includes full right side internals including controls
External independent High and Low Speed Compression adjustments
Compatible with BoXXer D1+(2024+)

Price: £ 356

New DebonAir+ upgrade

The new DebonAir+ air spring is built to strike the perfect balance of what riders really want: butter-like small bump feel, increased air volume to add support throughout the travel, and higher overall ride height for more confidence when things get steep.

Includes full DebonAir+ assembly, Seal head, and ButterCups
Can be used to change travel
Compatible with BoXXer D1+(2024+)

Price: £ 101

BoXXer Bolt-On Fender

A perfectly paired fender giving more coverage in the front and rear. A four bolt mounting system keeps the fully rigid fender secure and silent
RockShox bolt-on fender comes in the box for aftermarket forks, and sold separately for original equipment forks. Note: fender fitment may be interference with some frame designs.