Canyon is the latest brand to unveil an app, and the Canyon Connect app strives to give Canyon owners everything they need - from setup and build info to maintenance advice - at the tip of their fingers and personalised to the bikes they own.


Bosch has an app. Specialized has an app. Giant has an app. And as of today, Canyon has an app too. And it’s not just about tweaking the settings on your ebike, oh no! Canyon describes this app as a ‘digital bike garage’, holding everything you need to know from what settings you normally have to how to maintenance advice… and the main selling point; global GPS tracking so you always know where your bike is.

Need to know:

  • New ‘Canyon Connected’ app
  • Global GPS tracking for selected bikes
  • Compatible with Android 7.1 and Apple iOS 15 and newer

“We made the Canyon App to simplify and streamline every step of owning and riding a Canyon, and to help riders get the most out of their bike – from day one, and for years to come,” explains Lionel Guicherd-Callin, Global Director Canyon Connected. “Thanks to a range of features that make every part of building up, riding, maintaining, and parking up their Canyon bike joyful and effortless.”

The idea behind the app seems to be a personalised curation of information and advice tailored to the bikes the user has.

So for example, as well as providing all the specs and measurements, users can create a ‘digital bike garage’ which will offer tailored assembly and setup guides with step-by-step videos and advice; handy, for a brand who sells directly to the customer.

Canyon Connect App

Canyon Connect App

Further down the ownership timeline, the Canyon Connect app also has maintenance guides with videos and tutorials on everything from cleaning to replacing parts.

So rather than users scouring the internet for relevant content, Canyon is able to ensure users get good quality advice that’s suitable for the bikes they own. This is likely to lessen the chance of inadvertent budge-type disasters, and also hopefully mean that its bikes keep running better for longer with their owners.

Canyon Connect App digital bike garage

A ‘digital garage’ gives you all the info on the bikes you have, easily to hand

Global GPS Tracking

Now this is a big one; Canyon has stated that selected bikes can be paired with the Canyon Connect app, and it will allow the user to track the bike’s location with global GPS tracking. This is a security feature that’s likely to appeal to a lot of riders, though at the moment it’s only available on the Spectral:ON; there are plans to roll it out to more models, though which and when remains unspecified.

Compatibility is obviously a big one, and Canyon states that the app is compatible with Android 7.1 and Apple iOS 15 and newer; in other words, you don’t need the very latest operating system for it to work. It’s also free and available on the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

Canyon Connect App - bike build guide

A step-by-step build and setup guide ensures bikes are put together properly and set up right for the user

What’s next?

“With the app at launch, our aim is to provide riders with core features to help them with the most important thing: getting ready for their first ride. But make no mistake – there’s plenty more to come,” says Leon Bij de Vaate, product owner of Canyon’s Connected app. “We’re looking to add feature after feature at a rapid, consistent pace in the months to come.”

Canyon has hinted at or unveiled other features that are either on their way or in the pipeline. This includes bike insurance, arriving later in May, and content from Canyon’s stable of pro riders.

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