Mtb’s movers and shakers select their favourite places to ride.

Kiwi Veronique Sandler moved to the UK seven years ago, she loves riding her bike, dogs and digging jumps. But you’ll probably know Vero best from the VISION movie, shot on her very own Vision Line at Revolution Bike Park.

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Veronique Sandler

“I’ve always really enjoyed trail building but it wasn’t until I moved to Wales that I got hooked on swinging off a shovel or pick all day, grafting on something with the constant anticipation of getting the bike out to see how it rides.

“Since starting out riding mountain bikes in my early teens it’s been a dream of mine to have access to a piece of land where I can design and build a jump line, and after corona hit it became apparent that I wouldn’t be able to travel for work like I normally do, so what better time to try putting my dreams into action around home?

“I contacted a local farmer who owns the land around my town and is super- supportive of mountain bikers. He agreed to lease me a small piece of land as long as it didn’t intrude on grazing territory for his sheep. With this in mind, we found the perfect spot; a quiet little bracken area situated near the top of a hill with amazing views.

“My vision was to have a fun dirt jump line with two straights which would finish where it started (the less time pushing back up the better, obviously). We got to work right away; myself and my brother Leo were on the shovels and James from Revolution bike park worked his magic in the digger while the bikepark was temporarily shut.

“We grafted hard every day, rain or shine. We sculpted lips, tested them and re-built jumps over and over until they were exactly how we wanted them, and after six weeks Lucky Dip was born.

“There are doubles, hips, transfers, a spine, a shark fin and a trick step-up to finish it off. It really is sicker than I ever could have imagined.

“Lucky Dip is so sentimental to me because I was fortunate enough to find something to stay stoked and motivated with in the outdoors during a weird and dark time across the world.

“I learnt so many new dig techniques and tricks from James that I’m able to carry on to future build projects. I now have a spot just down the road where I can improve my jump bike skills and learn new tricks. But most of all having crew sessions and seeing all the riders smiling, progressing and making the most out of our build is the most rewarding feeling I’ve ever experienced.

“Lucky Dip will be around for a very long time and it will always bring me stoke when I look back on the build with all the laughs and good times that have come from it.”