Woof stuff

Watch Transition rider Adam Morse and his dog Flow rag themselves silly around some prime Vermont singletrack.

As the saying goes, a dog is for life not just for Christmas. In this delightful little video – that was actually released from earlier this year that’s just popped up on our radar – Adam and his suitably-named dog Flow look like their living in some sort idyll.

Who doesn’t want to live in a cute wood shack in the woods with a funky dog and have seemingly endless singletrack on tap?

We’ve featured talented trail dogs before and super-fast trail dogs but we think Flow is our favourite dog yet. There’s just something about the way he drifts over rooty corners that’s awesome.

Video description

“Flow is a short film from Transition Bikes and Outdoor Gear Exchange that follows Vermont-based rider Adam Morse and his dog Flow as they shred some local singletrack. If this video doesn’t serve as proof that dogs make the best riding buddies, we’re not sure what does”