The digital film premiere of Moksha

Watch as Roja, Usha, and Nishma’s stories as they find mental and physical health on two wheels, in their very own backyard: the Himalayas.

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Moksha is a documentary that focuses on three Nepali women breaking through cultural barriers to spread their love of mountain biking.

Watch the trailer above. Read the info below. Then go here after 5pm UK time to watch the full movie.

A sport that we often simply see as recreation now serves as method of freedom for girls in a deeply rooted patriarchal culture, opening the door for sisterhood, upward mobility, and adventure.

In Nepal, the overarching societal expectation of young women is to be nothing more than a married housewife. For Roja, Usha, and Nishma they’re not accepting the societal norm. Choosing to fight for gender equity through two wheels, these women are Nepal’s first ever female MBLA certified mountain bike guides and racers.



Roja wants to use biking to help women and girls in Nepal see themselves as a part of the outdoor industry. She wants them to know that there is opportunity for them right in their very own backyard.

“I want to make myself and family proud and let them know I can earn a living by staying and working in Nepal as a woman in the outdoor industry, rather than taking the path choose by so many youth in my country… to leave, study abroad and never come back.” – Roja.



To Usha, mountain biking is proof that any type of people can come together. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, advanced, man or woman. You ride, learn, and connect. It’s that simple.

“Mountain biking helps to bring everyone together in one community. You don’t feel like anyone is better, you feel like everyone is equal.” – Usha



Creating moments, learning from one another, and sharing precious memories and future goals is what makes Nishma love mountain biking. To ride and learn and share, and make known just how much we are capable of … that’s what’s important.

“After this trip, Roja, Usha and I have become sisters. We now express ourselves openly, we aren’t jealous. We are supportive. We ride together. This is important to grow the sisterhood.” – Nishma


Taylor Killian, co-foudner of AndShesDopeToo (the outfit behind the documentary) says : “We really wanted to create a film that focused on our mission: the support of all women everywhere. And from the very beginning I don’t think that a single member of our team was interested in just making another adventure film for the sake of making an adventure film.

“We wanted to make a film about the coming together of women, and women coming into their power. And we feel it our privilege to highlight, Usha, Nishma, and Roza, three pioneers in our current age and industry.”