Weave been waiting for this

Mavic has confirmed it will be releasing a carbon wheelset in 2016.

As it stands Mavic’s top of the range wheels are made from its own Maxtal aluminium alloy so this will be its first foray into carbon mountain bike wheel manufacturing, although it does currently make carbon road wheels.

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Carbon wheels are renowned for being lighter, stiffer and accelerating faster but there is an obvious trade off against ride comfort and price (a carbon wheelset will probably set you back thousands, not hundreds, of pounds).

Mavic said: “We are excited to confirm that our carbon MTB wheels will come to life but since we are still validating the final products with our engineers and athletes, we are not quite ready to communicate additional details at this time. More information will come regarding the products later this year and we look forward to your reaction to these very special wheels when they arrive.”

The new wheels will put Mavic in competition with the like of Enve and Easton who already make carbon wheelsets.

Unfortunately we still don’t even know whether the wheels will even be for XC, trail or all-mountain yet but we’ll make sure we’ll update you with all the important info when it’s released and hopefully get a pair in to test soon.