The new Marin Rift Zone E collection takes that fun ride experiene and adds more power to the mix


The Marin Rift Zone is a hella fun bike to ride. That’s not just PR materials; that’s based on the experience our bike testers report. And now, the ‘Rifty Fun’ can be extended with the introduction of the new Marin Rift Zone E collection; three new eMTBs powered by Shimano STEPS.

Need to know:

  • E-bike version of the popular Marin Rift Zone trail bike
  • Alloy frame
  • 140mm travel front and rear
  • Shimano STEPS EP801 or EP6 motor
  • Three build options, starting from $4499 US/$5699CAD/£4355GBP/4999€

All the bikes in the new Rift Zone E collection are based around Marin’s Series 4 MultiTrac aluminium frame, but with an additional 10mm rear travel so now both front and rear are 140mm.

Shimano STEPS provide the power in the form of either the latest EP801 motor, on the E2 model, and EP6 on the E1 and E. This offers 85Nm of torque, and are powered by a 630Wh battery, or 504Wh in the base E model but which is the size and shape of the bigger model, and so can be upgraded in the future.

And finally, as part of the ready-to-ride package on the E1 and E2 models, both come with CushCore tyre inserts so you can feel free to ride as hard as you like, knowing there’s a bit of added protection.

Marin Rift Zone E collection

There are three models of Rift Zone electric mountain bikes: the Rift Zone E base model, the Rift Zone E1, and the range-topping, top-spec, all-the-shiny-parts Rift Zone E2.

Marin Rift Zone E electric mountain bike base model

Marin Rift Zone E

  • Series 4 MultiTrac frame, 140mm travel
  • Shimano STEPs EP6 drive unit, 504Wh internal battery
  • RockShox 35 Silverfork, 140mm travel
  • X-Fusion O2 Pro R shockw AV air sleeve
  • Shimano Deore 10-speed drivetrain
  • TRP Slate EVOhydraulic disc brakes
  • Vee Tire Co. Attack HPL 29×2.5”tires w/Overridee-specific casing
  • $4,499 /$5,699CAD/£4,355/€4,999

Marin Rift Zone E1 electric mountain bike

Marin Rift Zone E1

  • Series 4 MultiTrac frame, 140mm travel
  • Shimano STEPs EP6 drive unit, 630Wh internal battery
  • RockShoxPike fork w/ Motion Control damper
  • RockShoxDeluxeSelect+shock
  • Shimano Deore 11-speed drivetrain
  • CushCore & Marin Sealant
  • $4,899 /$6,149 CAD/£4,975 /€5,599

Marin Rift Zone E2 electric mountain bike

Marin Rift Zone E2

  • Series 4 MultiTrac frame, 140mm travel
  • Shimano STEPs EP801 drive unit
  • Fox36Performance Elitefork
  • Fox FloatX Performance Eliteshock
  • Shimano XT 11-speed LINKGLIDE drivetrain
  • TRP DH-R EVO4-piston hydraulic disc brakes
  • $6,299 /$7,899 CAD/£5,895 /€6,899

Marin states that the new range should be available in territories from April/May onwards.