Madison's winter kit has always been highly-rated here at MBR, and its latest range looks to raise the bar.


Just in time for the leaves turning, the evenings drawing in, and the mercury falling, Madison has just announced its new fall/winter clothing collection. For AW23 it has partnered with technical brands such as D30 and Primaloft to add performance, as well as introducing novel new products like the Bib Trouser.

There’s also a comprehensive range of women-specific clothing, several winter gloves options, as well as a highly waterproof, highly breathable new DTE jacket that’s aimed at matching the best mountain bike jackets on the market.

For AW23 Madison has worked hard on sustainability, with the brand claiming 90% of the new range comes from recycled materials. Additionally all the packaging is now plastic-free. There’s even a new repair service to extend the life of garments no longer covered by warranty. Something we’ve seen introduced from brands such as Endura, 7Mesh, and Rapha.

Some of the items that caught our eye are:

Madison AW23 clothing

Braced for the worst of the winter weather: Madison’s DTE Bib Trousers

DTE 3-layer Men’s Waterproof Bib Trousers £199.99

Better protection that regular waterproof pants, but more convenient than a full romper suit, the Madison DTE Bib Trousers could be the perfect option for those really filthy days.

Madison AW23 clothing

The DTE 3-layer jacket promises both waterproofness and breathability of the highest order

DTE 3-layer Waterproof jacket (men’s and women’s) £199.99

Three-layer protection with multiple pockets, hood, and dropped hem. Madison claims an impressive 20k waterproof rating along with an exceptionally high 40k breathability rating that, if as good in the real world as they appear on paper, will be brilliant.

Madison AW23 clothing

The DTE 4 Season gloves are gunning for 100%’s Brisker market.

DTE 4 Season DWR gloves £24.99

Could these be the gloves to knock the 100% Brisker off the winter essentials top spot? Time and testing will tell, but they look sleek and the price is keen.

Madison AW23 clothing

There’s more than a hint of Rapha about the new Flux D30 knee pads.

Flux D30 knee pads £49.99

Very competitively priced for a lightweight sleeve design with genuine D30 inserts.

Look out for reviews on these products and more over the coming weeks.