Like Record Store Day but... bikes!

The Association of Cycle Traders and Dan Jones announce this year’s Local Bike Shop Day will take place on the 4th May 2019.

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Local Bike Shop Day, May 4th 2019

Last year’s inaugural event was held in October. Approximately 100 shops took part. Local Bike Shop Day will be on May 4th this year. The date change comes as result of feedback form the bike industry; May is when the cycling season kicks in properly.

Ideas to help retailers make the most of Local Bike Shop Day are to be included a download pack.

Inspired by the success of Record Store Day, Local Bike Shop Day aims to show customers the benefits of shopping locally.

The idea for the day is just to celebrate what makes local bike shops so special.How can you get involved? Visit your local bike shop. That’s it.

It’s the brainchild of Daniel Jones. Sparked by a discussion on Facebook page there’s now a specific Local Bike Shop Day Facebook page.

Record Store Day but… bikes.

One reason why Record Store Day was a huge success is because it retailers themselves made the day what they wanted it to be.

Kim Bayley from Entertainment Retailers Association: “The annual celebration provides ‘a platform to really celebrate what sets them apart’ for the bigger national retailers.”

“The long-term significance of Record Store Day was that it demonstrated the value of retailers taking control of their own destiny. It is still owned and controlled by indie retailers, but we identified very early on that it was something we should encourage and nurture.

“Record Store Day is the gift that keeps on giving. It has provided a focus for the vinyl revival, it has led to a resurgence in independent record shops numbers and it has given a renewed sense of purpose to the entertainment retailing sector in general and ERA in particular.”

“The mightiest oaks, as they say, grow from the smallest of acorns.”

Retailers register their shops at