Riders in Lincolnshire could have a great new bike park asset come into being.

Lincolnshire mountain bikers might soon gain a great new riding venue. The East Midlands lacks a dedicated bike park, combining progressive trails and features, in a single network.

Louth local, Kevin Smith, is the owner of Focus Rides and a quality bike coach. The former army veteran realised that Lincolnshire lacked a dedicated venue and after chancing his luck with a local land owner, a build project ensued.

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Recognising that the most appropriate terrain and gradient profiles were to be found on private land, Kevin mustered the courage to ask a local farmer if he would agree to some trail building on his land. After being surprised by the positive reaction, Kevin started digging.

With any build project involving farm land, the routine and privacy of an owner must be respected. Kevin originally only envisaged only two trails on the farm but with the land owner keen on developing an entire bike park, the project has dramatically broadened in scope, with potentially great outcomes for Lincolnshire mountain bikers.

Respecting the process – to build something great

The risk is that rogue riders could derail Kevin’s ambitions and the good intentions of the farmer.

On the last day of February Kevin resorted to social media, warning that the build site was closed and by no means open for riders. This was necessary, as riders were arriving to ride on the farm, therefore not only trespassing on private land – but also risking injury, as this is a working farm.

For Lincolnshire’s mountain biking community to realise the full benefit of Kevin’s build project, which is being assisted by committed volunteers on dig days, the timeline and land access issues must be respected.

Although the excitement at a new mountain biking venue might be tempting to explore ahead of its opening, the actions of some could have unhappy consequences for all. Kevin and his team are working studiously to bring a great Lincolnshire bike park to completion. For riders of the East Midlands, the wait will be worth it.