Better hurry

Earlier this year the legendary Fat Chance Yo Eddy hardtail was resurrected thanks to a KickStarter campaign. As we speak the paint jobs are being applied to the backers’ special edition frames but thankfully there are some left over from the first batch of production, and you can get your hands on one.

These frames will not come with the KickStarter graphics but they are from the first batch so will no doubt still be an important piece of mountain bike memorabilia. If you want to get your mitts on one you’d better hurry as there are only three left.

The Fat Chance Yo Eddy in Grello

The re-vamped Fat Chance Yo Eddy in Grello

You can pick between 1x 27.5 inch medium, 1x 29 inch large or 1 x 29 inch extra large. These frames are yet to be painted so you can choose to have it in grello, red, lavender or black.

The frame will set you back $1,699 (£1159) and there are build kits available. We know this seems expensive (you could get two Cotic Soul frames and still have change left over) but when you’re buying a piece of mtb history, that’s not really the point.

You can expect the frame to be delivered in mid-February after the Kickstarter frames have left the door.

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