Big hoop dreams

Big basketballers need big bikes. And basketballers don’t come much bigger* than Lebron James, so it makes sense his bike has three-foot wheels.

*Mr James is ‘only’ 6ft 8in but in term in the fame stakes he is currently the biggest NBA star of the modern era.

>>> DirtySixer to expand their range of 36in wheel bikes

DirtySixer: “This is a very special DirtySixer bike we made for Lebron James from the Lakers. This one has Onyx hubs with instant engagement in the back, a 1×12 wide range cassette with Archer electronic shifting (bluetooth), carbon fiber rims, 180mm cranks and Catalyst pedals, a Kinet suspension seatpost, 35mm handlebars and our usual Magura MT5 hydraulic 4-pistons brakes. And yes some of these solutions will get into production. Which ones, it will depend on you. Give us your opinion in a survey.”

DirtySixer press release

The next generation DirtySixer bikes

We need your opinion!

We have been a bit quiet at DirtySixer lately mostly because we did get a very special order for an NBA team. And this is just the beginning.

Following this big achievement, we are preparing the future of DirtySixer bikes. We are working on a new generation of DirtySixer bikes, with a twist.

We are planning to make a version of the DirtySixer using titanium and another one with an electric assist. Why two versions?

Because we are moving production and we will have access to the highest titanium fabrication, with only a small increase in cost. About the electric assist version, it’s simply because electric bicycles are the future and we want to be ready for this revolution.

Let me tell you the story of my friend Bruno, a retired journalist, passionate about motorcycle racing, but who never exercise and is chain smoker. Bruno, even tho he’s french, never liked cycling, complaining about how hard it is to climb hills, being slow next to cars, being sweaty etc. One day he got an electric bicycle and since then (more than 3 years ago) he started to ride one hour every afternoon. Fast forward today, he has quit smoking and is now totally addicted to… long rides in the countryside, planning to tour South of France next summer on his electric bicycle. Even if this will makes him sweat a bit! This is what I want to bring to all tall people. The joy of an easier bike ride that will turn into a healthy habit.

And if this worked for Bruno, it will work to any of us tall, young and less young. It will work for anyone with any injury, sports related or not, be it a regular tall rider or Bill Walton or Dirk Nowitzki etc. 🙂

This is why we would love to hear back from you.

Give us your thoughts on what you would like to see happening for the next generation of DirtySixer bike.