Helmets for your feet?

Leatt has launched their first line of MTB shoes, including the 2.0 flat shoes, 3.0 flat shoes, 4.0 clip shoes and 5.0 clip shoes.

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Leatt press release


Leatt shoes have been developed and tested extensively from the deserts of Moab to the glaciers of the Alps. Durable shoes that do not compromise on style, comfort and control. Your shoes are one of the key touch points when riding, so there can be no compromise.

The Clip models feature an indexed SPD channel that’s compatible with all clipless pedals. With 25mm of adjustment and specifically 15mm more towards the rear, the shoes can be optimized for gravity riding, while the forward position aids pedal efficiency. Moreover, the extended rear adjustment helps reduce strain on the Achilles.

Leatt MTB shoes can really help you improve your riding skills as they can increase bike control. The secret lies in the shank, hidden above the sole of the shoe. The shank controls the shoes flex which determines what kind of riding it is optimized for. Softer shanks (Leatt 2.0) are optimized for trail riding, mid stiffness (Leatt 3.0) for rigorous riding conditions and the stiffest shanks (Leatt 4.0 & 5.0) maximize pedal efficiency.

The Leatt Lab focused heavily on producing a highly durable rubber compound called RideGrip for the sole that resists abrasions and punctures. While the WaffleGrip pattern is designed to interlock with pedal pins for phenomenal grip and bike control. The mud channels are awesome too, as they keep dirt off your soles, so your feet don’t slide off the pedals or rocks when walking with your bike.

Feet stay dry and ventilated, even on those long rides thanks to perforated toe boxes and a 10K/10K waterproof breathable membrane. They also have an anti-bacterial, anti-odor and quick drying foot liner to keep things fresh. It can be annoying when you are flowing down a trail and your shoes laces untie for no reason. Leatt have solved this problem as well with their compression laces. Anti-stretch and water resistant, they will lock the shoe on your foot until you take them off, guaranteeing bike control and comfort
all day long.


If you’re all about the cool factor, the all-new Leatt MTB 2.0 shoe is what you’re after. This casual synthetic suede sneaker is perfect for sending it in style at the pumptrack. What’s more, it’s comfy and breathable, with all the perks of a performance riding shoe, like optimized WaffleGrip pattern in the pedal area and mud channels.


Riders who like to stay cool and in control will fall head over heels for this performance shoe. The comfort and protection offered by the 3.0 is unmatched. With plush padding and toe and heel protection, this solid shoe is tough enough to last the likes of aggressive enduro and downhill riders.


For riders who prize superior comfort in a shoe, the 4.0 clip is every foot’s dream. You’ll feel on top of your game with deep cleat channels that provide superior stability and multiple adjustment options. Quick drying material and effective ventilation make it the ultimate all-weather shoe for enduro and downhill riders who like to ride hard in demanding conditions.


If you enjoy those wet and muddy days, getting loose and riding fast in severe conditions, these performance shoes are right up your alley. Long, deep cleat channels allow for excellent stability, while the Speed Lace and Cross Strap systems offer an impeccable fit. The ideal all-round multidiscipline shoe, with a 10K/10K water-resistant shell and superb ventilation will keep you cool and dry. Expect great comfort and control when shredding the gnar.