Lapierre Bikes has issued a voluntary recall on some models of its bikes. The recall only affects certain batches, and is being issued due to several instances of deformation in the frame downtube.

If you’re the owner of an aluminium-frame Lapierre Zesty AM or Spicy, and you bought it in 2020 or 2021, then this notice is for you. Lapierre has issued a voluntary recall on certain models and batches of these bikes due to a reported issue with the frame, and will be offering replacement frames to those affected.

Not every Spicy or Zesty is affected; it’s only alloy models, only the Spicy and the Zesty AM – the Zesty TR is not part of the recall – and only affects batches LPA3 and LPB3. The bike serial number is located under the bottom bracket; if it starts with LPA3 or LPB3 it is part of the recall. Lapierre has put all the information you need to determine whether your bike is part of the recall on the Lapierre website.

The reason Lapierre give is concern around the structural integrity of the downtube, and the brand reported 16 cases of deformation – equating to 0.5% of production – with a risk of weakening and breaking. No injuries have been reported.

As a result, Lapierre has issued a voluntary recall as a precautionary measure, and have furthermore asked anyone who has a bike within this recall to stop riding it immediately. A recall system is being put in place for individuals and there will be a system for retailers and suppliers.

Compensation will take the form of a replacement frame.

The full text of the recall is as follows:

“We are conducting a voluntary recall on some of our All Mountain and Enduro bikes, Zesty AM and Spicy. This recall concerns only the aluminium versions of these two models, model year 2020 & 2021.

This decision is based on 16 reported cases of deformation (0.5% of production) of the down tube of the frame on these models, with no reported injuries. Production and delivery of the affected models have been suspended as a precautionary measure for users 

For the safety of users, we ask that they do not use their bikes anymore. 

We are putting in place a recall system for private users and, of course, a specific procedure to support all our authorized rental companies and retailers. 

An alternative solution will be offered.

For more information, please visit”