Leo Smith AKA @LandoSteezy has got talent and heart in huge amounts. His incredible skills have helped him forge his own path in the bike world, and he's dedicated to helping create space for others.


There’s something almost relaxed and effortless about the way Leo Smith, aka @LandoSteezy,  looks when he pulls tricks on his mountain bike, and that’s part of the reason he’s so mind-blowing to watch because they are out-and-out incredible. This video showcases his immense talent for riding, but also what makes him create space for others and focus on the grassroots, bringing more people into the sport.

Smith’s creativity, expressed through riding and photography, allows him to turn everything from bike trails and dirt jumps to street scenes and subways into an opportunity to do something mind-blowing on a mountain bike.

He calls Manchester in the North of England home, and is a self-proclaimed helper of the people, using social media and coaching to help others get into riding. And despite his incredible bike handling skills, he’s not interested in competition; for Smith, creative expression is everything.

Defying definition, he started then quit BMX, then saw the 12 O’Clock Boys riding mountain bikes through the Manchester streets and hit up his local bike shop for his first MTB.

Created by Anthill Films, this edit showcases his unique style, rewriting the rulebook on what others think is possible on a bike, and showing that it doesn’t matter what size or race you are, where you ride, where you’re from, what bike you ride or what clothes you wear, riding is for you.

And above all, a talented, likeable, positive individual who stays true to himself. “I like what I like, and I don’t like what I don’t like.”