Keep off!

This wet winter is proving to be a nightmare for mountain bikers as not one day after we announced the delay of the Moray Monster skills area, it turns out that Lady Canning’s will be closed until further notice.

The Lady Canning’s trail was opened in August 2015 by Steve Peat but has had to be shut as the recent rain has caused damage to the trails and raised the water table so much that springs are now running down the trails.

Lady Canning’s was the UK’s first crowd funded trail and is run by the Ride Sheffield trail advocacy group. The group has taped off the start and end of the trail and left signs explaining the situation.

Watch the opening of Lady Canning’s with Steve Peat

Unfortunately the trail was still ridden last weekend so the group has now left logs and brash along the trail to ensure it can recover properly. Ride Sheffield says: “We’ll do all we can to reopen the trail as soon as possible but we need a dry spell to get the water table down before we can arrange repairs.”

The trail is likely to open again in a few weeks but in the mean time we encourage riders to keep away as you will only cause further damage and push back the re-opening.

Anybody with questions is advised to contact Ride Sheffield on