Entries open 16/09/2019

It’s the first ever Enduro World Series qualifier on African soil, and runs over three days in a remote mountainous country with incredible scenery.

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You can find all the entry details and read more about Kingdom Enduro and the race’s origins as well as its growing role in the local community in Lesotho over at kingdomenduro.com

Next year’s edition takes place on 27-29th March, with strictly limited entries opening on 16th September 2019.

Used for centuries by the Basotho people and their animals, Lesotho’s huge network of paths make for amazing bike trails, and, thanks to the event, there’s now a stack of world-class, hand-cut, enduro trails all carving down vast lush Lesotho hillsides too.

Kingdom Enduro is unquestionably one of the most adventurous mountain bike events on the planet, offering amazing riding as well as an unforgettable visit to a place that’s totally different to most westerner’s everyday experience.

2020’s race will be just as wild, raw and unique in terms of the trails, scenery and atmosphere. Plus, thanks to tons of hard work by the organisers and locals, the completely hand-cut tracks will be even longer, higher and harder than ever before too.

For an all-inclusive entry fee, racers stay at a fully catered base. The race HQ is an old trading post in Roma dating from the days of a wilder frontier land where merchants cut deals with local farmers and shepherds for goods. Little has changed outside the HQ gates since, as (apart from a few tar roads) the lush countryside is still unspoiled and the independent nation has never been particularly modernized or industrialized.

Kingdom Enduro race stages criss-cross this stunning local area over peaks and plains where every corner brings a new view and a new type of terrain; expect anything from being chased up mountains by little kids laughing, to ending up dancing in a local ‘shebeen’ bar with a beer in your hand to some local house music after riding.

Race stages number up to six daily and vary from 5 mins up to around 15mins. The tracks offer everything from hand-cut berms and ruts like steep Alpine riding to completely open rock slabs or even simple pieces of tape across huge open spaces pointing you in the right direction.

Part of the game is staying on course and staying safe in a country where even the paramedics have to be shipped in from over the border. The sheer altitude and distance travelled make it pretty challenging even before the steep, rocky and rough timed sections, but Kingdom is accessible to any intermediate level rider, providing they’ve got good self-preservation instincts!

Riding round exploring, it’s obvious most of the Lesotho population have few material possessions, but there is an openness and warmth that’s almost shocking coming from a more westernised society. You can’t expect five star luxury or to remain isolated like on some exotic riding trips, and that’s the beauty of Kingdom Enduro; you’re right in and among the people and end up experiencing the location in such a way most riders find it impossible not to let it get under the skin.

Don’t just take our word for it though on this; here’s some testimonials from previous Kingdom Enduro competitors:

“There is a special energy that you feel when you’re surrounded by the mighty Maluti mountains. The kind of energy that captures your soul, that feeds your wanderlust, that makes you feel alive. The rich colour of the soil, the mountains, the sky & the vibrant Basotho people will leave you longing for more. Lesotho is a wild, raw and a very powerful country, landlocked within South Africa. The trails are endless passionate creations dreamed up, created & shaped by my good friend & race director Rene. This is not just a race, it’s a journey, an adventure by bike that will remain engrained in your heart forever. Thanks to dreamers & creators like Rene for giving us the opportunity to not just enter another bike race, but to share a new culture & country with us. If wild, technical, proper mountain biking is what you’re looking for, get yourself to The mighty Kingdom Enduro!” – Anka Martin.

“My time in Lesotho ranks as one of my best trips to date! I love a good adventure, stepping into the local culture and exploring the mountains around Roma was an incredible experience. The riding is raw, challenging and had us grinning ear to ear. The local people were very kind, friendly, helpful and curious about bikes and Roma Trading Post was a great home base and provided all the amenities we needed.” – Chris Johnston.

“The Kingdom Enduro should be on everyone’s bucket list! Rene put together quite the race – 3 days of fresh-cut trails, taking you over and through the mountains of Lesotho. The terrain is challenging and of great variety: loam, techy rocky bits, slabs, dry riverbed, steeps, and more. Based out of Roma, you’re in the heart of the mountain kingdom, and not only get to experience the trails, but the people — ride the Velosolutions pump track alongside locals or hike your bike up the nearest mountain, and you’ll be amongst herder boys and local school kids. Go into town for a braai and some Chicken and Pap (Tandoori BBQ with corn). Rene, Darol and the gang take great care of everyone, and it’s a relaxed, fun racing atmosphere. The experience as a whole is one I will never forget — it was an amazing way to see Africa, and we will be back again!” – Kim Hardin.

Whether you’ve got an appetite for adventure or just want to race some incredible, hand-built enduro stages at a well-organised event in a crazy location, Kingdom’s got your back. Flights to South Africa are easy to find from anywhere in the world, and it’s a great time of year to visit with mostly sunny weather.

Come and race truly blind, raw trails and footpaths with us in magical country where you’re guaranteed to feel welcome, yet also more like a foreigner than anywhere else you’ve visited.