The Pivot's long travel Firebird is elevated to new heights with this limited edition, dressed in an eye-catching split colourway combination of white, blue, and gold.

Collaboration sparks creation

Born from the collaboration of two industry leaders, Pivot Cycles and Leatt, the limited edition Firebird is a celebration of their shared commitment to pushing boundaries. Leatt’s design prowess, which crafted a bespoke kit for the esteemed PFR team, ignited the spark that led to the creation of this masterpiece.

“We are excited to introduce this eye-catching exclusive Firebird to the world,” said Tyler Reitz, Global Marketing Manager at Pivot Cycles.

“Leatt’s amazing kit design ignited a fire within us, inspiring the birth of the Pivot Factory Racing Limited Edition (PFR) Firebird. This bike is a symbol of our dedication to innovation and a tribute to the collaborative spirit that drives our industry forward.”

This Firebird PFR limited edition has a split blue and white colourway

The Pivot Firebird, known for its impressive long-travel capabilities, is elevated to new heights with this limited edition release. Dressed in an eye-catching combination of white, blue, and gold, this bike demands attention even before hitting the trail. Complete with Reynolds carbon wheels, the PFR LTD Edition Firebird will be available to the public; however, fewer than one hundred models have been made.

The orange of the Fox forks and rear shock’s coil spring are part of the visual package

Pricing, specifications, and availability

The PFR LTD Edition Firebird can be purchased in twelve different complete build options from Shimano and SRAM, including Fox air, coil, and Live Valve shock options priced from $9,399 to $12,099. Available now, in sizes S through XL, at key Pivot dealers worldwide.