They Greyp e-bike has it all: powerful engine, integrated lights and cameras, on-board sat nav and a whole lot more


Picture this- you’ve signed up for a huge enduro race for 2023. You’re nowhere close to prepared and the closest hill to you has an average gradient of 13% to get all the way to the top. You normally get four or five runs in when you ride here, and you know that you need to practise getting more full runs on longer trails. Between off days and odd working hours, training feels impossible.

Well, not anymore! Greyp G6.5 e-MTB makes every climb feel mega easy, bringing together cutting-edge technology and capable design.

With a 400W motor, you’ll be able shred those techy downhills for longer, with way less huffing and puffing up the hill. In fact, on off-road terrain and where it’s legal, you can even take it up to 45kph speed with that powerful engine. The full carbon frame with 150mm travel on the fork and mullet setup will tame the steepest of descents with ease.

This world’s first fully connected e-bike experience brings you some pretty unique features including integrated front and back HD cameras with fitted lights, an integrated e-SIM, smart customisable dashboard with sat nav, live tracking and route planning capabilities as well as the ability to analyse terrain-based range. Along with all of that, a 700Wh battery means that you can say goodbye to all the excuses that are stopping you from riding at your fullest extent, whether it is a training ride for your big enduro race or a weekend-long adventure.

The unique frame geometry combined with the fully connected technology makes this e-MTB more than just an adventure machine. Greyp G6.5 makes every off-road ride an enjoyable

In the ever-changing world of e-bike technology advancements, Greyp are building themselves up as industry leaders. In 2019, they won the Eurobike Gold Award for the best e-MTB of the year. Currently, Ride St Albans is the only distributor and is the main dealer for Greyp in the UK.

Their knowledgeable team is always happy to answer any questions about specific user cases. If you want to see the Greyp e-MTB range for yourself, book a demo ride on one of the bikes and go out on a ride with one of its Greyp ambassadors or a member of staff. You can contact Ride St Albans on (+44) 01727 614778.