Intelligent bike light

Hydra3 is a Kickstarter (stay with us!) that has a central main LED and two side lights that light up automatically when your bars turn.

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Turn left and the left hand LED turns on. Turn right and the right hand LED turns on. Riding in a straight line and just the middle LED is lit up.

That is, unless you’re in Descend mode where all three lamps are lit up full strength all the time. Or if you’re in Climb mode when all the LEDs are lit up with the side lights being on lower output.

The idea being that it can illuminate the trail better during cornering. It also can save on battery power because it only operates the sidelights when they’re needed, leaving the central main beam for most terrain.

Hydra3 features

  • 900 lumens
  • Sensors detect handlebar movement and illuminates the according sidelight LED
  • Custom optics
  • Water-resistant design (IP63)
  • Descend & Climb Modes with 4 light levels per mode
  • 2hr run-time at full brightness
  • Internal battery
  • 3400 mAh Lithium Ion rechargeable battery cell
  • USB-C charging port

Hydra3 official blurb

“The Hydra3 is designed especially for night mountain bike riding. Using our terrain-adaptive technology, the light senses your motion and digitally steers the light around corners like headlights on high-end luxury cars. Now you can ride tight switchbacks and flow through single-track with confidence as the light goes where you need it, when you need it—guaranteeing maximum visibility and run-time.

“This is the only bike light you’ll ever need.”