We're sorry

There’s nothing better than opening a new magazine – you hastily rip away the cellophane, smell the fresh paper and ink as you flick the pages and then settle down on the sofa for an in-depth read.

Except sometimes it’s spoilt by missing pages or a misprint, and that’s unfortunately what happened to us this week. We opened up our copies of the January 2016 issue of MBR fresh from the printers only to find that the monthly route maps were missing.

It seems that the printers have failed to put the maps in the mag so regrettably they will be missing from your copies too. If you’re a subscriber then you may have received yours today; the magazine will be in the shops from Wednesday December 16.

This sucks. The route maps are one of our favourite parts of the magazine to put together because we know you guys share a love of riding as much as we do. We hate putting something out that’s not complete, especially as this month had some amazing rides in from Torridon, Loughrigg, DyFi and the Peak District, but we’re determined you won’t miss out.

Scroll down to download pdf versions of the maps and print them for yourself so you can get out and ride them as soon as possible. However, if you’re a subscriber or simply plan on buying February’s issue, then they’ll be reprinted there alongside four new ones.

We can only sincerely apologise for this error and hope you can still enjoy the four fantastic rides we’ve planned.

Route maps

Loughrigg, Lake District map

Loughrigg, Lake District instructions

DyFi, Mid Wales map

DyFi, Mid Wales instructions

Kinder Reservoir, Peak District map

Kinder Reservoir, Peak District instructions

Torridon, Scotland map

Torridon, Scotland instructions