If you love CNC-machined brakes with big levers. The Tech 4 range is just for you.

Hope has improved its master cylinder and lever design, with the Tech 4.

The Barnoldswick brand, known for the tactile feedback of its brakes, now offers a notable improvement over the Tech 3 range.

Hope designs and manufacturers, enabling it to operate without the constraints of contract fabrication. And it shows, with some of the design details, of this new brake.

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More potent – and easier to the pull

When developing the new Tech 4, accurate rider data analysis allowed the product team to select an ideal increase in the brake’s mechanical ratio. The result? A brake that works better, at the lever forces most prevalent when descending, instead of those random brake applications, when you are trying to do stoppies in the parking area.

Reducing Tech 4’s mechanical friction is improved sealing and an internal pivot that turns on roller bearing. Riders can expect a lighter lever action without sacrificing that characteristic Hope feedback and modulation.

Hope claims the new Tech 4 is 30% more powerful than Tech 3. There are ergonomic improvements, too, with a 30-degree angle of adjustment, enabling better shifter integration when configuring and arranging your cockpit preferences.

Tech4 for all applications

As loyal Hope users have come to expect, these new Tech 4s feature a tool-free bite point and reach adjustment. And of course, there are an array of colours to match your build or riding kit.

The new Tech 4 is available in black and silver, with blue, red, purple or orange highlights. But with Hope, it must always be purple, right?

Hope’s new Tech 4 levers can be matched with  X2 (XC), E4 (enduro), V4 (gravity) and Trial Zone callipers. Pricing starts at £175.00  for a flat-mount Tech 4 X2. The E4 prices at £195.00 and V4 is £210.00. Want braided hoses? That will add £10.