With five-star Virginia Tech ratings, sizing to fit kids and adults, and a sub-£100 pricepoint the Lupo and Finch are already class leaders


Lazer has extended its brilliant KinetiCore technology to two new helmets in its mountain bike range: but this time it’s not the priciest, top end lids benefitting from the latest technology.

Called the Lupo KinetiCore and the Finch KinetiCore, there’s no MIPS on display here, instead Lazer has built the entry-level helmets around its own brand tech. That’s going to help it compete with the best mountain bike helmets on the market today.

Developed over 10 years, KinetiCore uses crumple zones that are formed directly into the EPS and are designed to minimise rotational impacts during an impact.

Lazer KinetiCore trail helmets

The Finch KinetiCore is specifically designed for smaller heads

Just like MIPS then. The difference here though is that Kineticore is built straight into the helmet rather than resting underneath it as an additional layer. In the past when we’ve reviewed flagship Kineticore models like the xx we’ve found that makes it lighter and better ventilated.

This is an important helmet then, democratising helmet safety and bringing it to two £50 lids.

Lazer Lupo KinetiCore and Finch KinetiCore need to know:

  • Two trail helmets using high tech Kineticore
  • Lupo KinetiCore for heads 55-61cm
  • Finch KinetiCore for heads 50-56cm
  • Costs £49 for the Finch and £59 for Lupo

Lazer Lupo KinetiCore and Finch KinetiCore

The way Lazer is describing these two entry-level helmets is “like brother and sister.” By this they mean there are plenty of similarities between the two, but with the main difference being what size head they cater for. The Lupo KinetiCore is designed for adult sized heads between 55-61cm in diameter, whilst the Finch KinetiCore is for smaller heads between 50-56cm.

Both helmets use an integrated visor, and are unisex designs. Instead of using Mips, Lazer has attained a 5-star protection rating from the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab, which is the top score a helmet can receive.

They also come with brow vents, deep coverage on the sides and backs of the helmet, and a Lazer TurnSys system for a better fit. They are also compatible with the Winter Kit and Universal Lazer LED (a light) so you can ride the trails all year round.

Lazer KinetiCore trail helmets

You get a choice of eight colourways with the new KinetiCore range

The Finch KinetiCore weighs 330g, and the Lupo KinetiCore weighs 390g. The Finch has less material overall to compact the ‘bulky’ look on smaller heads, and there are recesses within the helmet to help remove pressure from sunglasses.

There are eight colours to choose from, and prices start from £49 for the Finch and £59 for the Lupo.