This month's 3-bike garage

Three bike garage. This is where our favourite people pick their ultimate bike stable. This month’s are chosen by Hans Rey, mountain bike legend.

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Hans ‘No Way’ Rey has been riding a bike off-road for five decades; he dominated trials riding at its inception and was at the forefront of freeride too. These days he charity work for Wheels4Life and tours the world giving talks supporting the Hans Rey Adventure Team.

The classic:  Monty T19

Hans Rey: “This was my old trials bicycle from 1985. I just recently restored this bike, the frame has been sitting in various cellars and garages for all these years. I rode the bike in the 1985 European Trials Championships, back when I was a Monty Factory rider. This has a custom-painted, so when a newer model was released I retired it and kept hold of it. The orange Peregrine wheels were used just for trials shows, but not really in hardcore competitions. Trials legend Ot Pi sent me a few parts to finish this built, and some of the parts are not 100 per cent original, but at least it is ridable again. However, I’m not sure if I do want to ride it – bike technology and quality have come along way since then.”

The do-it-all: GT Sensor Carbon 29

Hans Rey: “This was a great all-round bike for all kinds of riding that involve pedalling… until it was stolen from my garage in England. It was custom built with top spec that differs from the one you can buy in the shops – it had XTR Di2, Stan’s Arch Carbon wheels, top-of-the-line Fox suspension, SQ Lab and Crank Brothers parts. I used this bike on my recent Urban Adventure, TransNapoli, but also used it as my trail bike and even for riding bike parks, like Carosello 3000 in Livigno last summer. My favourite ride was around the Vesuvius volcano high above Napoli, Italy – there were so many incredible trails. I’m currently building myself another bike just like it. The geometry is really fun; if I could only have one bike, this would be it.”

The play bike: GT eVerb

Hans Rey: “I’ve been playing with e-bikse for a while now. They won’t replace a regular mtb for me but they are a fun toy to go out and play – honestly, it makes me feel like a little kid.  I’ve customised this one with Di2 shifters, 165mm short cranks for more clearance, and four-piston XT brakes for extra power. I often do long backcountry rides in the Alps where I bring a second battery in my backpack. You can cover a lot of ground in one day and experience riding in the mountains in a completely different way. One day last summer I covered five passes and did over 70km and 2,200m of climbing – and belive me, you are still getting plenty of exercise despite the help from the pedal-assist motor. I really like technical uphill challenges too. These bikes can ride things that a normal bike couldn’t, and open all kinds of new options on the trails.”